last name Vos
first name Take
birth day December 26th, 1973
birth place Arnhem
nationality Dutch
marital status




address Orteliuskade 57-1
zip code 1057 AL
city Amsterdam
country The Netherlands
tel +31 6 424 304 65







Performance engineer.





boom operator.

Technical consultancy during startup fase of FilmTent.

"Dade Saba"

sound engineer, extra


Balance MHP


"KIEM" & "Billy Kane"

dvd production.

"Life, death and waiting"

camera, acting, audio design.

"Alida 2004" Pageant

camera, editing, dvd production.

"Beauty with a vision" Pageant





Extra in the STER lead-in.





An feature length adventure movie (in development).

Mirage Recorder

A digital cinema camera system (in development).

Boom Recorder

A professional multi track high resolution audio recorder, designed for use on stage. Boom Recorder is used by many professional film and television audio engineers, in diverse films and tv-series like: Meet Dave, Flags of our Fathers, Alien vs Predator 2, Project Runway Canada, etc.

Mattmo, concept | design

Fixed visual glitches in a presentation program by using OpenGL instead of SDL-blitting.

(TUI) Travel Unie Nederland

continues IT-architectual consultancy.


Created a short film, just to see how it all works.

Hydraload (NCR)

A project I did for NCR which retrieves telemetry data by connecting to a data bank using a proprietary protocol via a modem. The program is written in Python.


NCR Nederland N.V.


Unix course (Fourpoints)

Here I gave a 1 day UNIX course to some people from Fourpoints. It consisted of both theory and exercises.

Oracle to Teradata loader (Belgacom)

Belgacom collects large amounts of data from the international telephone traffic switches. This data needed to loaded in Teradata very fast so that they could use this data in near real-time. Because of the live-batch system the database had complex locking rules. As the data was also large, the loader had to be written in C so that it was possible to use the more advanced Oracle C-api.

HP-UX Migration (Travel Unie Nederland)

Helping with porting applications and setting up the HP-UX systems. LDAP, CIFS (Samba). This also included designing a user management application.

AMADEUS (Travel Unie Nederland)

Coupling between Travel Unie Nederland and Amadeus, this is a replacement of ITCM. It uses message queues TCP/IP and TopEnd.

Travel message (Travel Unie Nederland)

The G7 (The seven largest tour operators in the Netherlands) have designed a new XML standard for communication between Internet portals and tour operators. I helped with defining these messages and later wrote the templates for the conversion of these messages to COBOL input- and output areas. And an extra module for Tenerife so it can communicate with XML over HTTP.

Save area (Travel Unie Nederland)

During the conversion of the COBOL application to a new middle ware system the save area (state information) which used to be in memory has been migrated to the database. The amount of I/O was very high, to decrease the amount of data I created an RLE algorithm to compress every repeating character in the save area, which are trailing spaces and leading zero's. Much later I replaced it with libz compression.

Tenerife (Travel Unie Nederland)

The idea is to web-enable the Costa reservation system which is used by the travel agents. This enables Travel Unie to gain experience in Internet infrastructure. This reservation system is basically screen oriented. By using a few converters it is possible to convert web-user-input to a COBOL structure and convert the COBOL output to a HTML page. There are two basic converters: the converter used by TEXAS and a new template language which looks like a HTML extension. This is all written in Java using the J2EE framework.

Python course (Travel Unie Nederland)

Because both Texas and the conversion tools are written in Python it seemed imported to teach Python to a few members of the staff at Travel Unie. The course was a basic programming course, as some people had little or very different programming experiences.

Content conversion (Travel Unie Nederland)

I made tools to convert texts and images of the travel guide production for use by the Travel Planet Internet site. The texts from the different brands (ARKE, Holland International and FIT) are free formed "Word Perfect", RTF & Plain text files, these are all converted to structured XML-files. The press quality photo's where converted, down scaled and shaded for the Internet site.

Texas (Travel Unie Nederland)

I designed and implemented a system to enable external parties to communicate with the back-end system of Travel Unie using XML messages over a TCP/IP link. The system uses configuration files (in XML) to describe the COBOL input/output area and its translation into XML. To implemented it within the allocated time I decided to implemented this in Python.

SVB Teleadvies (Sociale Verzekerings Bank)

I added a new application to an existing tele-conferencing system. The application consists of HTML pages which has to look very similar to the forms used by the SVB. To make it easier to create the forms I build a XML to HTML converter. Together with a style sheet I managed to separate the content from the look.

MVG Intranet (Ministerie van de Vlaamse Gemeenschap)

MVG needed a new style intranet which has an overall look and feel. I designed and implemented the new intranet and introduced new technologies like: XML, PHP and the Apache web server. I also designed and implemented the first application, a cross department news-paper system.

Tunis (Travel Unie Nederland)

I designed and prototyped an "information exchange system" to start a dialog at top level management, about a new information system.

ITCM (Travel Unie Nederland)

I repaired and redesigned an interface between the "Travel Unie" back-end and the "Galileo" reservation system. The back-end uses EDI messages to communicate to the reservation system over an SNA network. The interface is written in C and uses shared memory, semaphores and SNA networking.


General Design


This all started when I was interviewing one of the programmers for a school project. This interview changed into a job interview and some months later I began working at this company. When I began at General Design it was a young company which was specialized in user interface design and it was the eve of the Internet revolution. The company changed into one of the largest (at that time) Internet solution companies in the Netherlands.

In the first two years I still attended school full-time and in every free hour I was at General Design, which actually turned out to be almost full time, which prolonged my school work for some months.

I designed and implemented web-sites, web- & network applications and development- & graphics tools as well as being part-time network administrator where I've build the network from the ground up with an almost transparent integration between UNIX/Win32/Mac workstations and servers. I also worked as a technical consultant and managed some projects.


Ernha printtechniek


This company produced prototype PCBs for the electronics industry. Here I worked, in all my weekends and vacations, at every part of the plant, including working with chemicals, in the dark room and system administrator.

Working at this company I found a large bottleneck; drill data (for the robot drill) from a floppy disk had to be converted to a punch tape by a 3rd party. This took a couple of days. We did have a drill-programming-machine which is used to create punch tapes for the robot drill. I invented a way to connect a PC to this machine, so that data read from a floppy disk is punched to tape.




HTSA (polytechnic CS & telecommunications)

internship at General Design


MTS SCUTOS (electronics)

internship skipped






Film skills

camera operator, boom operator, technical director, editing, dvd production.

Operating systems (administrator)

Linux, IRIX, BSDI, FreeBSD, HP-UX, win32, Mac OS X.

Operating systems (programmer)

Linux, IRIX, BSDI, FreeBSD, HP-UX, NCR MP-RAS, Dynix/Ptx, Solaris, win32 (Python only), Mac OS X.


sendmail, IMAP, POP, mailing lists, FAX server, IPv4, IPv6, multicasting, masquerading, firewall (proxies and filters), LDAP, DNS, NIS, NFS, samba, DHCP, bootp, tftp, disk less workstations, NTP, backup, remote access (ISDN/Modem/VPN), HTTP, FTP, etc.

Programming Languages

C, C++, Objective C, Python, Perl, PHP, Java, SQL, Postscript, shell scripting, assembly (65xx, 80x86, 68xx, 68xxx), BASIC, Pascal, COBOL, VHDL, etc.

Programming skills

Object Oriented programming and design, including implementation in C, UNIX programming, network (UNIX IPC, TCP/IP, SNA), public key encryption, 3D (with matrices), user interfaces (motif, gtk+, tk, curses), games (side scrolled maze, multi player Othello, multi player BattleZone), audio, image manipulation, database connectivity, WEB applications, XML, CSS, TopEnd middleware, j2ee, etc.


Oracle (C-API), Informix, Illustra (C-API), Terradata (C-API), MySQL, PostgreSQL, MS Access

Image manipulation and drawing

netpbm, Photoshop, gimp, xfig, illustrator, ultiboard, layo 1, orcad, moray, blender, final cut pro, dvd studio pro.

Language skills

Dutch, English and German (read only)

Personal skills

Good communication skills, fast & deep thinker, decision maker, deadline manager, technical drawer, writer