Change log

Below is a list of changes that are made for each version of Boom Recorder.

Boom Recorder changelog.

Version 8.7.3
- Fix NSWindow references to be strong for compatiblity with OS X 10.7
- Request Microphone permission on OS X 10.14

Version 8.7.2
- Fix rotated text in the header of the matrix window.
- Fix default MIDI command being NULL, but showing Record instead.

Version 8.7.1
- Fix crash due to dither buffer not being allocated when the dithering was in use.

Version 8.7.0
- Fix Unicode text drawing bug in matrix view.
- Disable screen saver and power saver during recording and playback.
- Added Open/Save Preferences to the file menu to open and save your preferences.
- Added a ring buffer size slider to the preferences.

Version 8.6.5
- Fix bug where channels without input did not redraw meter correctly.

Version 8.6.4
- Work around crash due to failure of socketpair().

Version 8.6.3
- Change font for the timecode fields on the main window to be Helvetica Neue which has mono space digits. No more jumping around of the digits. Font size is 40, because otherwise the vertical alignment is no longer correct.

Version 8.6.2
- Fix AppleScript "outputfile" functionality.

Version 8.6.1
- Fix for setting the "folderPath" of "folder" from AppleScript.
- Rename "path" of "folder" to "folderPath" of "folder". And rename "file" to "outputfile". Both path and file have a specific meaning in AppleScript that conflicted with Boom Recorder's old terms.

Version 8.6.0
- Select LTC channel from the time preferences. This allows you to run two timecode channels, and select one for
  Boom Recorder.
- Fix for frameRate setting and reading from AppleScript. You will need to enter the framerate in the same way as the frame rate in the preferences.

Version 8.5.0
- Use mmap to read the header of audio files. This should reduce I/O and increase performance of reading all
  audio files. All audio files are read after every recording to create a soundlog.
- Add logging of file stats when failing to open a file.
- Fixed bug with empty bookmark from preferences file, specifically for the template directory.
- Removed a debug log that is not useful.

Version 8.4.0
- Add the %A placeholder to the filename template. This allows for naming of files most useful for AVID.
  It replaces the appended file number with a channel number between _01 and _16 at the end of the filename,
  and it inserts two letters (AA-AZ) as an identifier of a set of 16 channels where the %A is used.
  The position of the two letters allows for easy alphabetical sorting in a file manager so that it easy to
  drag and drop a set of 16 files. (ti-bf6b82)
- Update some graphical elements to match closer to Yosemite style. (ti-84b478)

Version 8.3.2
- Check if nr of channels is within 0 and 255. And make sure the number of rows and columns of channel meters
  are between 1 and 255. Hopefully this solves issues with wrong number of channels in the preferences file.

Version 8.3.1
- Fixed issues with the file_nr being appended on the filename template even when %9f is being used.
  Also added more information in the filename template box on how to use it.
- Fixed issue where the audio device was not closed properly when switching devices, causing a wild crash.
- Rewritten part of the channel meters window to be more proper objective-c code, so that ARC will not get confused.
- nr_channels/nr_files/nr_folders now get their value transformed properly so that they work reliable.
  (It should not have worked at all, but weirdly most times it does).
- Remove 'buffer size' from the Device Preferences. More often then not it caused problems when changing
  the value as the device manufacturer knows better what value it should be. If the manufacturer allows you,
  you can still change this value in the preferences window of the device driver or through the
  Audio Midi Setup utility.

Version 8.3.0
- Reopenig a save/open dialogue box could cause Boom Recorder to crash. This is because after the ARC conversion, memory for the dialogue boxes are handled differently.

Version 8.3.0-rc18
- Change the use of security bookmarks in hope to cause less crashes of the sandbox.

Version 8.3.0-rc17
- Fixed a bug where the frame rate in the BEXT Description field was incorrect (NTSC vs. non-NTSC frame rate were switched).

Version 8.3.0-rc16
- Fixed a bug where the audio device was not being selected because of initialization order. This bug was caused by rc14.

Version 8.3.0-rc15
- Remove many potential divide by zero errors.

Version 8.3.0-rc14
- Some audio drivers keep spamming the kAudioHardwarePropertyDevices making Boom Recorder thing the list of devices has changed. Now Boom Recorder will check the list of devices to see if the current selected device is still in the list.

Version 8.3.0-rc13
- Fix divide by zero crash when selecting CoreAudio time sources.

Version 8.3.0-rc0-12
- You can now enter a custom file sample rate and a word clock rate.
  Word clock rate is used when an external word clock is different form the interface sample rate, this is often used for
  pull down when recording with a word clock of 48048 when the interface sample rate can only handle 48000.
  Since now Boom Recorder knows the actual sample rate you should now set the frame rate to the real-world frame rate.
  The file sample rate may also be modified and its timestamp should be adjusted.
- You can now also enter a custom on-set frame rate and file frame rate.
  The on-set frame rate is used to decode the LTC timecode signal. The file frame rate is used when displaying the
  timecode in the sound reports and in audio files.
- Graphics for the ring buffer and the transport buttons have been upgraded to vector graphics for drawing in good
  quality on retina displays.
- The tape counter and time code display has slate, take and roll have a larger font for better readability. This is
  possible because the frame rate selector has moved to the time preferences.
- Manual is updated for this new version.
- You may now enter kHz into the sample rate field.
- Retry field is removed, on a filename collision the current date and time are added automatically to the filename and
  the recording is automatically retried.
- When changing metadata in the soundlog which would yield a new filename, then the file will always be renamed using the
  sample collision mechanism as for recording.
- Trial license is reset so that anyone can test Boom Recorder 8 for 30 days.
- Playback is enhanced with a timeline, when pressing play the timeline will apear where you can click to start the playback
  at that point in time. The ticks show the minutes.
- You can now select between no monitoring, always monitoring and monitoring during recording.
- New incident report system which can include large audio files which are truncated to maximum 1 MB. With this you can
  create an incident report when you do not have internet connection, the zip file can be send via email to
- Directly printing a sound report from Boom Recorder is no longer possible because of sandboxing.
- Boom Recorder is now sandboxed which will improve security, and it is a requirement for the AppStore.
- Added MIDI control for record/play/stop/abort/toggle record.
- Fixed crash-on-startup bug due miss-interpetation of the channel nr preferences of the spectrum analyser.
- bTRK tags in the bext chunk will now contain the channel number instead of the track number in the file, hopefully this
  will allow AVID to import the file at the correct AVID channel.
- Check if a correct bookmark is created before changing a folder in the preferences.
- Don't crash on divide by zero when the sample rate is not yet initialized.
- Add network connections to entitlement so that it can connect to network audio interfaces.
- Update to ARC (Automatic Reference Counting), this will let the computer do memory management in stead of manually like it was. This should reduce the number of memory corruption bugs to zero.
- Add application name, version number, build number and if the application is sandboxed in the log file. And remove version.txt file from the incident report .zip file.
- Move common utility functions into a seperate library for reuse in other applications.

Version 8.2.3
- A couple of changes to the bext and iXML metadata which has to do with UIDs and history reference.
- The postfix for file number which used to be a "-f01" is now changed to "_01" this allows Sound Devices Wave Agent to
  see the mono files as a group.

Version 8.2.2
- Change bTRK to use the Boom Recorder channel number instead of the interleave index in the audio file. This
  may help AVID to automatically put mono files in the correct channels on the timeline.

Version 8.2.1
- Make sure the license is verified after each start.

Version 8.2.0
- You can now enter any sample rate you want. If the audio interface does not support the sample rate the value will revert
  back. You can also select one of the sample rates from the popup menu, which are filtered based on what the audio interface
  reports it can handle.
  With modern drivers from RME the FireFace 800 together with Boom Recorder should be able to handle the exotic sample rates.
  This may mean that things will change for owners of these interfaces; being able to set the device to 48048 for real
  and setting the correct frame rate.
Version 8.1.0
- The preferences menu has been redesigned. Preferences have moved around the tabs in this menu, but functionality is
  the same as in 8.0.2. This change was done for some interesting features that will be added later. I've tried to
  test most of the functionality, but I am unable to check of "clock source" is functioning since I have no access to
  my MOTU 828 MkII at the moment.

Version 8.0.2
- Add track names in bext chunk for backward compatibility with a video editing application. Since there is very little space in the bext chunk, certain fields are only recorded if there is enough space. Here follows the new priority order of the fields: bPROJECT, bSCENE, bTAKE, bTAPE, bTRK, bSPEED, bNOTE, bFILENAME, bSLATE.
- The non-AppStore version of Boom Recorder is now signed with the correct developer certificate for gatekeeper on OS X 10.8.

Version 8.0.1
- Replaced date handeling functions, because of a warning in Apple's documentation.
- Fixed the File menu, NSMenuItems do no longer inherent from NSView therfor it didn't work in version 8.0.0
- Boom Recorder is now a 64 bit only application.

Version 8.0.0
- Adding AppleScript state property, which may be polled to show the current Boom Recorder state.
- Boom Recorder is now build with xcode 4.1, which means that Boom Recorder will
  only run on OS X 10.7 (Lion) or higher.
- Fixes depricated API calls.
- Removed divide by zero error when loading foreign audio files.
- Increased contrast of buttons in the patch-bay.
- Click through enabled for transport buttons and patch bay.
- Scroll wheel now functions in the patch-bay.
- Maximum attenuation is for input/output mixer 114 dB, or infinity of course. This may reduce CPU time a little.
- Renamed BoomRecorder to Boom Recorder, make sure you update your AppleScript applications.
- Added Boom Recorder Lite and Boom Recorder Pro applications for Apple's App Store.
- Renaming menu items in case of other names.
- Removing Register menu item, and preferences panel for App Store and for value added reseller versions.
- Fixed incident reporter to be able to take screenshots again (maybe it was only a problem when running inside the debugger).
- Boom Recorder is now a 32 bit and 64 bit application.
- Application will now be signed by Take Vos's developer key.
- Vertical meters
- Channel name on meters can be removed for more space.
- Saving and loading of input and output patchbay has been fixed when using more than 128 channels.
- Show maximum peak value in meters, click to reset.
- Remembers which utility windows are open, and shows these as pushed buttons on the main window.
- Enabled full screen mode on main window.
- CoreAudio callback starts an release pool so that the "leaking" error message don't show up in the log file.

Version 7.25.3
- Set maximum number of channels to 256.

Version 7.25.2
- Removed F_NOCACHE when playing back audio, hoping that this allows the OS to do
  read-ahead and making playback of large amount of audio files possible again.
- Fixed several issues found with the new compiler.

Version 7.25.1
- Don't change file format when no tracks are assigned to audio file.
  This fixes the "Could not find the correct header format 1 on file 1" error.

Version 7.25
- Removed more raw video handeling code.
- Handle 128 channels.
- Channels which are not armed are shown in grey scale.
- Registration code in window now shows dashes like when it was entered.
- Registration window now shows more messages.
- Registration window also tries several different cases of the name.
- Registration window recognizes Boom Recorder Studio licenses again.
- New "Report lost samples" option in preferences, if selected (default) will stop
  recording when samples are lost. The unselected part is the new feature.
- Hold time on the meter bridge is now configurable.
- Soundlog window remembers its column settings.

Version 7.24
- Join back user interface.
- Remove raw video recorder.
- Sound reports are again generated on Snow Leopard.
- Fixed drawing routines for the matrix, which used to cause error messages in the system log.
- Roll number is updated when media number is changed and pressing "set roll" button.

Version 7.23 (unreleased)
- Turn off caching while writing and reading audio files.
- Split the user interface.
- Remember window visibility between invocations.
- Added raw video recording capability.

Version 7.22
- Reset timecode on processor overload, so we can be more confident with free run.
- Added updatable metadata from the sound log window.
- Rename audio files after updating metadata.
- Resetting preferences no longer set nr of channels to 2.
- Only allow audio files from Boom Recorder to occupy the sound log, for savety.
- Remember the new filename after succesful renaming.

Version 7.21.3
- Preferences window now also a utility so that it can stay above the other windows.
- preRecordTime via AppleScript.

Version 7.21.2
- Repopulate the sound log widow and sound reports after changing audio folders.
- Sound log window is now a utility panel.

Version 7.21.1
- iXML chunk and data chunk in CAF file had a wrong header.
- Without a device and using LTC timecode caused a divide by zero.

Version 7.21
- Dynamic header size of audio files.
- Added log messages for handeling the audio interface.
- Added folder element to AppleScript to be able to change the path.
- SMPTE Timecode system service, for pasting timecode into any application like Text Editor or Pages.
- Both input and output tables are now fully mixable (use plus and minus keys to change volume on each joint).
- Protect against overwriting files when audio folder is equal to template folder.
- Ring bufferhandling is now handled using vectorized calculations, increasing performance significantly.
- Fixed patch bay mouse glitch, where clicking in the table's gutter would change the value next to it.
- Separate patch bay from the preferences window.
- Moved auto configures of the patch bay in the menus.
- Make the preferences window more pretty and show folder buttons.
- Fixed auto configure to set the correct folder.
- Added autoCommit variable to AppleScript to make a lot of updates to the channel layout at high performance.
- Added frameRate and bitDepth AppleScript variable.

Version 7.20
- Forgot to rename filename metadata before renaming the filename.
- More robust with errors during close.
- Added the console log to the incident report.
- Remove the incident report window before making the screenshot.
- Added extensive logging to the console.
- Fixed state change starving when recording on slow media.
  Anyone experiencing issues where stopping is not possible, please try this version.
- Added locking against possible race conditions on state changes.
- Sound log is now uneditable.

Version 7.19
- Rename audio files when metadata changes before end of the recording.
- New iXML writing code.
- Generates HTML and CSV from templates, and removed the previous CSV generator.
- The preferences system for the patch-bay have been reworked to be much faster,
- XSLT conversion to multiple output formats.
- Media template folder for defining your own sound report templates.

Version 7.18
- Higer performance of the RTA by using more vectorized functions.
- Greater accuracy of RTA by processing audio with a blackman-window before doing the FFT.

Version 7.17
- Now works with Apple Remote.
- Fix reset take on scene change when using the scene-pull-down feature.
- Fix update of patch bay after channel renaming or with AppleScript.
- Incident reporting, for better support.

Version 7.16
- Added Python scripting language.
- Fixed crash with combination LTC and 0 channels.
- Roll 2273 window.
- Added spectrum analyzer window.
- Reload button on sound log window.
- Fixed autostart in combination with rec starts new recording feature.
- Fixed bug where Boom Recorder crashes on Intel with writing CAF files, was also a bug on PPC.
- Added buttons at bottom of main window to open: the patchbay, scopes, etc.
- All userdefaults are now set to a default.
- Set number of channels automatically to 2 when registering after expiration of the trail license.

Version 7.15.1
- Fixed graphic glitch with scene field.

Version 7.15
- Added pre-defined scene list for quick lookup and auto completion in the main window.

Version 7.14.2
- Making license registration more robust.
- Turn off auto start on error.
- The title for the error on record dialogue was wrong.

Version 7.14.1
- The dithering noise has been moved to the input stage of Boom Recorder, so you will be able to
  monitor the included noise, as well as see it in the meter bridge.
- I was wrong with the amount of dither noise needed, it should have been: -90 dB for 16 bit and -138 dB for 24 bit.

Version 7.14
- Jam on constant timecode as well. This makes the "auto start" feature work with cameras that
  sends constant timecode when stopped.
- AppleScript support for working with the patch-bay.

Version 7.13
- Added "full pre record at file close", in combination with "rec starts new recording" this
  will cause the next file to have an overlap.
- Fixed timecode mismatch when stamping files at end of the recording.

Version 7.12
- Clicking on the timecode displays shows the length in samples of a timecode frame,
  this can be used to find out the drift between the timecode signal and the sample rate.
- Fixed crash on end of recording with really empty fields.

Version 7.11
- BWF Originator now contains Boom Recorder's version number.
- sound report template uses the BWF Originator value for the Software field.
- soundreport.xml now contains metadata for each file in each recording.
- soundreport.xsl updated to produce a long sound report, with detailed information
  for each recording.

Version 7.10
- Preferences window now opens on last selected tab.
- Moved code from the main window controler to a separate application delegate controler.
- Work done on AppleScript support in Boom Recorder: project, scene, slate, take, roll and note.
  can be read and written; the current timecode and tape counter can be read; and you can.
  start, stop or abort a recording or playback.
- Changed file header writing and reading function.
- The dithering should be 6 dB higher.
- Updated documentation.
- Fixed a bug with playing back audio files.

Version 7.9
- Turned on "enforce strict aliasing" optimization again.
- Removed folder tab from preferences, folders can now be selected from the patch-bay.
- Clears Sound Log before loading audio files when changing folders.
- Names of the channels are shown in the patch-bay.
- Moved "stamp sample rate as" to the Audio tab and renamed it "file sample rate".
- Moved "bit depth" to Audio tab.
- Added dither noise field to Audio tab.

Version 7.8.2
- Now using unions to convert integers and floats to char arrays.
- If number of tracks is 3 or more, than %C yields "poly".
- Escape characters from user field in iXML.
- Fixed bug in 32 bit float play back.

Version 7.8.1
- Substracted the filesize from the timestamp.

Version 7.8
- Disabled "Enforce strict aliases" optimization.
- Added a preferences button to timestamp the audio file when stopping.

Version 7.7.4
- Fixed potential segfault with devices without output.

Version 7.7.3
- Fixed devide by zero for devices without input.

Version 7.7.2
- Automatically select the last recording, instead of the first.
- Do not filter devices when they do not have a input, this enables
  Boom Recorder to play audio to the build-in device on new Intel macs.
  However it is not possible to monitor the "build-in input" to the "build-in output".

Version 7.7.1
- DURATION_FIELD in iXML was corrupt and caused crashes when ending a recording.
- COUNT in iXML has the wrong value.

Version 7.7
- Moved some custom fields to iXML 1.5.
- Foreign files now shows a date in the Sound Log window.
- When using a single file, the "-f01" postfix is not added.
- Reset the "take" field, on updating the "scene" field; option in Preferences.

Version 7.6.1
- Buffer for header was to small for header.
- More support for foreign audio files.

Version 7.6
- More iXML fields.
- Changed OriginatorReferenceField.
- empty tape/roll now is really empty.
- Fixed GUI glitch in preferences.
- Audio files are read during startup to repopulate the soundreport.xml
- Print button added, which opens Safari.

Version 7.5
- Changed "New Take" function, by using the normal record button and a preferences setting.
- %f are now numbered from 1, instead from 0.
- Set file and folder limitations of Lite licenses to be equal to the Pro license.
- Copies a simple soundlog.xsl for viewing soundlog.xml in Safari, still subject to change.

Version 7.4
- Fixed preferences window resize glitches.
- Added "New Take" menu option and key binding.
- Now writes a sound report XML file in the audio folder, this is subject to change.

Version 7.3
- Changed 'unregistered' popup sheet to be more clear about which licence level is trialed.
- When adding %f to filename template you can give the location of the file number.
- Discontinuing Studio version, Pro version is now has the same limits are Studio had.

Version 7.2
- Removed RIFF64 checkbox. Replaced with maximum file size text field.

Version 7.1.2
- Fixed position of device buffer size.
- Fixed crash when no audio interface with inputs are available.

Version 7.1.1
- Moved pull-up to Metadata tab.

Version 7.1
- Added device buffer size configuration.
- Added 'b' prefix to each field in the bext-chunk.
- Added 'bPROJECT' field in bext-chunk.
- Added 2 kbytes of white space at the end of an iXML-chunk.
- Added automatic patch bay configuration.
- Added Playback of audio files from older sessions.
- Remembers last manual selected device.
- Fixed quiting during record or playback.
- Fixed stop error.
- Fixed start recording during playback.

Version 7
- Main and Preferences window remembers position and size.
- Channels are now numbered in the main window.
- Moved everything but metadata to Preferences.
- Full metadata in sound log window; cmd-L.
- metadata can be modified until stop is pressed.
- New patch bay with multi-polyphonic file handling.
- Removed import of audio files into the sound log
- Playback of multi-polyphonic files, even when some files are no longer available.
- Sample accurate timecode in CAF files.
- Added 'qttc' chunk to BWF files.
- BWFImporter allows Final Cut Pro to nativly read BWF files with qttc chunk with timecode.
- Typing a big number as start value for meter is fixed.
- New license model.

Version 6
- Moved LTC decoder to ltc.c
- History is now cmd-L.
- Pre record buffer now also works during playback.
- Fixed glitches in ring buffer view.
- Playback color is now yellow; to be more contrastend to blue.
- Auto start now remembered across sessions.
- Protection against starting Boom Recorder on versions of OS X 10.4.3 or earlier.
- Added new timecode sources.

Version 5.11
- Cmd-H opens history window.
- slowed down balistics of the RMS meter.
- Don't let the computer fall to sleep, not only during recording.
- 32 bit floating point now little endian and added to BWF recording.

Version 5.10
- Moved history to a seperate window.
- Turn off cache during file read and write, this makes it more smooth in
  recording many mono-tracks at once.

Version 5.9
- Updated to 64 channels.
- Fix playback from external files.

Version 5.8
- Added toggling recording using cmd-/.
- Changed URL for the store website.

Version 5.7.2
- Changed how takes with falls starts shows in history.

Version 5.7.1
- Fix history tab issue.

Version 5.7
- channel name on mono files using %c in a filename template.

Version 5.6.3
- Make package much smaller.

Version 5.6.2
- Fix 23.98 frame rate for CAF files.

Version 5.6.1
- Don't blink the rec indicator.

Version 5.6
- CAF marker string "timecode" now correct.
- Added rec indicator.

Version 5.5
- Added DVD cover art.
- Fixed CAF file output.

Version 5.4
- Channel names in .csv file using %c.

Version 5.3
- Channel numbering in mono files are now consistant with channel
  numbering in the interface.
Version 5.2
- AppleScripting prelimerary work.
- Solved weird default channel arming interaction.
- You may use %4t like things in a template for leading zeroes.

Version 5.1
- Configurable pre record buffer.
- Only allow mono recording without a license.

Version 5
- Support for draging Polyphonic BWF files to the history.
- Changed the history table.
- Added CAF File Splitter utility.
- Added BWFToCAFConverter, which handels RIFF64 BWF files.
- Work around compiler bug with 64 bit integers as offset.
- Preferences redone.
- Enable Universal Binary.
- Change label to pull up.
- Fix crash due to incompleted metadata.
- No more automatic channel layout.
- Channel arm buttons are remebered in the preferences.
- 30 day trial version.
- Fixed record on timecode and split on timecode functions.

Version 4.3
- Registration code is not shown anymore.
- Better warning vor Mac OS X 10.3, I hope.

Version 4.2
- All channels are selected by default.

Version 4.1
- Count can be reset.
- History contains timecode.
- Added note to metadata.

Version 4.0.1
- Disabled LTC decoder during playback. Timecode will freewheel locked to the sample rate
  during playback.

Version 4
- Boom Recorder can now playback files from history.

Version 3.1
- Shows history of recordings during the Boom Recorder session.

Version 3
- Added channel layout menu.
- Added through ring buffer monitoring.
- Fix possible issue during switching of file format.
- Code cleanup.
- Update manual.

Version 2.2
- Change position of timecode counter.
- Added a recording counter.

Version 2.1.2
- Added full debugging symbols, for better crash reporting.

Version 2.1.1
- fix crash issue when there is no audio interface connected.

Version 2.1
- Project/Scene/etc may now contain any characters.
- Filename templates do not contain folder or extension anymore.
- Old filename templates are reset to the new version.
- More sane defaults for filename templates, folder and polyphonic.

Version 2.0.8
- Rename of "device inputs".
- Fix canceling folder selection.

Version 2.0.7
- Bug in automatic channel assignment is fixed.

Version 2.0.6
- Timecode now shows in recording list.
- iXML was currupt by typing error.

Version 2.0.5
- Checks for OS X 10.4 instead of crashing.

Version 2.0.4
- Fix error handling bug where Boom Recorder crashes instead
  of showing an error.

Version 2.0.3
- Fix changing sample rate problem with some devices.

Version 2.0.2
- Weird interaction with the bit depth setting is fixed.

Version 2.0.1
- Added a working device to the compatibility list in the manual.
- The dB values in the meter bridge had to be multiplied by 2.
- The channel index is now included in the channel selection.

Version 2.0
- Splits file on timecode-jump.
- Splits file on 2 GByte boundary for BWF files.
- Create folder function in folder selection window.
- Reset preferences button.
- Slate field in meta-data.
- Sample accurate timecode.
- drop-frame support.
- recording list export.
- Input selection on channels.
- Fixed mono file corruption bug introduced in 1.11.

Version 1.11
- Adds iXML with BWF and CAF.
- Starts and stops on timecode.
- Fixed abort bug.
- Channels names are stored in preferences.
- Increased performance compared to 1.10.
- Meter scale can now be changed.
- Experimental pull down option.

Version 1.10
- Adds generic support for polyphonic and mono files for BWF and CAF.
- Adds generic 16, 24 and 32 bit sample depth for BWF, CAF and MOV files.
- Adds untested support for RIFF64 BWF files.

Version 1.9
- Redesign of Meter bridge, using a more Cocoa look.
- Editable channel labels.
- Scalable high resolution meters.